Monday, April 25, 2016

Tone it Up :: Bikini Series

I have been following @TONEITUP for some time now and this time when the bikini series came around again I was feeling really motivated and ready to start something fresh. It is an 8 week challenge with workouts and clean eating every day...

After 2 kids your body just isn't quite the same, but I am determined to make my body the best version of it's new self. Elijah just turned 7 months and Gabe is turning 3 next week. It is time to get in shape and make some time for myself and focus just a tiny bit on me. I think this is such an important thing to do as a mom, because when you feel good and make just a little time for yourself, it really just makes you a better mama. Easier said than done, I know!

I crushed my workout today and even made it to the grocery store to stock up on fresh ingredients and snacks for the week. So here is to 8 weeks of finding some "me" time and making sure to stay healthy and fit so that I can be the best mom and wife that I can be. For me, being fit and feeling good in my skin just brings up my spirits, which as a result helps me deal with the unexpected things life as mommy throws at me.

Here are my before stats::

WEIGHT: 130 lbs
WAIST: 27.75"
HIPS: 34"
THIGH: 19.5"
ARM: 10.5"

Have you done the Tone it Up Bikini Series?? If so, how were your results? I would love to hear some feedback from any readers out there...

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

When Life Gets in the Way

Well, hello! I feel like I have come back from the dead even visiting my blog, seeing as I haven't posted in here in almost 2 years. Let me catch you up:

Since then, I have had my second son (he is going on 7 months now), my oldest son is about to turn 3 and is in school full time, we have moved into our second home, which has been full of renovation projects, and just a whole bunch of other life has happened since I've been gone.

Here is my second little guy; Elijah Asher! He is just the sweetest, most happy little peanut ever and he brings so much joy to our family. Big brother, Gabriel absolutely adores him and they are quickly becoming best buddies.

As much as I want to keep up with this and today I have time, since Gabe is now in school and the baby is actually napping!! I know that for me to try to keep up with posting on a day to day basis will definitely take lots of planning and organizing on my part. And let's face it, once you have kids (especially multiple), when you try to plan to do anything, something happens that sweeps you in 100 different directions, before you can even remember what you were trying to do in the first place.

Even though I know that life will get in the way, I am so happy to be back and it brings me so much joy to have this blog back up and running. My hope and prayer is that I can commit to at least one post per week to keep up with what is happening in our crazy little family.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Re-purposing Our China Cabinet

So this past weekend was literally so busy I can't even wrap my head around the fact that it is Tuesday. With the holiday weekend along with a home project, that of course took way more time than anticipated, the past three days have literally been a whirlwind. However, I am so thrilled to show off my latest home project!! Re-purposing my grandmother's old china cabinet into a funky updated bar. I am so in love with it and even more in love with the fact that it was my grandmother's. Now I will always have a little piece of her with me.


We have been using it as a formal china cabinet for almost 3 years and I have been talking about re-doing it for about that long. I finally decided to just do it, and re-purpose it and make it more functional for our lifestyle.


I found the super awesome "BAR" sign at TJ Maxx and fell in love! It was kind of the whole motivation to finally do something with the cabinet.

I loved bringing new life to this little piece of family history and just love our dining room now! See step-by-step how I refinished the cabinet here.